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Featured in the Press (Selections)

8/2/12: “Adult Children Living with Mom and Dad in Search of a Launching Pad to Adulthood,” Deseret News, Jeffery Finley

7/14/12: “Worry More About Under-Involved Parents,” New York Times, Op-Ed, Richard Settersten

6/20/12: “Living with the ‘Rents’: Your Survival Guide,” Men’s Health, Cassie Shortsleeve

6/17/12: “What Families Need to Know About College Debt,” The Oregonian, Richard Settersten

3/22/12: “Move-in Before Marriage No Longer a Bad Omen,” Associated Press

3/15/12: “3 in 10 Young Adults Live with Parents, Highest Since the 1950s,” Christian Science Monitory, Husna Haq

7/19/11: “Financially Supporting Adult Offspring,” Dayton Daily News, Corey Frohlik

5/25/11: “The Commitment-Phobe Generation,” CNN International, Laura Sessions Stepp

5/14/11: “Downwardly Mobile” and “They be Pitied?”, Ottawa Citizen

4/20/11: “Teens Doing Better: Why Don’t Adults Believe It?” CNN International, Laura Sessions Stepp

3/17/11:  “The Benefits of a Late Launch,” Wall Street Journal’s “The Juggle” (Sue Shellenbarger, with Rachel Emma Silverman and Michelle Gerdes)

3/2/11: “Why GenY Might Be Too Frugal,” U.S. News and World Report

2/20/11: “Meandering Toward Marriage: Why Young Adults are Waiting Longer to Tie the Knot,” The Providence Journal

2/8/11: “A Slower Path to Adulthood,” The Bend Bulletin

1/25/11: Review, The Telegraph: “Not Quite Adults: The Book All Families Need to Read” (and follow-up article on “The Stay-at-Home Twentysomethings,” 1/29/11)

1/13/11: Review, Boston Globe: “Sink or Swim: A Guide to Growing Up During Hard Times”

1/12/11: The USA Today Interview

1/11/11: The Toronto Star Interview

1/11/11: People Magazine’s “Buzz Book”

1/11/11: Wilson Quarterly’s New and Noteworthy Books: “Kids These Days”

1/6/11: Review, The Economist, “Young Americans: Left Out in the Rain”

12/27/10: The Bookbench of the New Yorker

12/26/10: An op-ed by Barbara in the New York Post

12/23/10: A Q & A with Rick at the Oregonian

12/23/10: A Q & A with Portland Monthly (Jan. 2011 issue)

5/10/10: The National Journal, “Full Nest Syndrome”

Featured Online (Selections)

6/29/11: Review by Laree Henning, National Academy of College Admission Counseling

4/28/11: Commentary by Peter Levine, Director of CIRCLE (Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement)

4/4/11″ “Why Gen Y’s Slow Path to Adulthood is a Good Thing” CBS Interactive Business Network (BNET) (Jessica Stillman)

3/6/11: Mothering, “Emerging Adults: The Upside”

2/23/11: MSN Money, “Is the Ivy League a Waste of Money?” (see also Liz Weston’s 2/24 post: “For the Love of God, Go to College“)

2/18/11: Review, Good News Girlz

2/13/11: Review, The Digital Quad, “Poor Options, Smart Choices

2/2/11: iVillage Book Selection, “Parenting Books We’re Talking About”

1/27/11: HULIQ, “U.S. 20-Somethings Not in Hurry to Become Adults, Marry or Raise Kids

12/27/10: Front page Q & A story with Rick on the OSU website

12/23/10: A Q & A with Barbara at Salon books

9/15/10: Oregon Stater magazine, “No Hurry: The Rush into Uncertain Adulthood”

Featured in Audio (Selections)

4/5/11: Rick with Derrick Ashong on Oprah Radio (43:36 min.)

3/23/11: Christine Cavalier’s “Purple Car” Audio Interview with Rick and David Spinks, founder of and U30Pro, an under-30 professional network (38 min.)–*transcript available too*

3/9/11: Rick with Tom Park on “Pathways” program of KBOO Radio (27 min.)

3/4/11: Rick on NPR’s Marketplace (contains audio, plus rough text of transcript, “Twentysomethings taking longer to reach adulthood”)

2/7/11: Barbara on the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Power Author Series

1/28/11: Rick on Canada’s Kim Fraser Show (CJAD/Montreal/16:20 min.)(“Is it ok to let your kids stay until 30?” )

1/25/11: Rick on NPR/KLCC’s Northwest Passage

1/25/11: Barbara on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Kathleen Dunn Show

1/23/11: Rick on Canada’s Greg Glatz Show (CJOB/Winnipeg/~15 min. followed by call-ins)

1/22/11: Barbara on Good Parenting Radio (18:03 min.)(“The Kids are Alright”)

1/18/11: Rick on NPR/KERA’s Think (Dallas/60 min. with breaks)

1/12/11: Rick on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “Think Out Loud” (“The Slow Road to Adulthood”)

1/5/11: Rick on the Lanigan & Malone Show (Majic 105.7-WMJI/Cleveland/~15 min.)

1/3/11: Barbara on the Chris Mihill Show (KMOX/St. Louis/6:24 min.)

1/3/11: Rick on the Bob Smith Show (WXXI-AM/Rochester/9:42 min.)(“Back Home with Mom and Dad”)

12/29/10: Rick and Barbara on the Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC/New York City/35:17 min.)

12/29/10: Barbara on the Milt Rosenberg Show (WGN/Chicago/60 min. before edits)

Featured in Video (Selections)

3/3/11: Barbara on This Week in Careers with Lisa Johnson Mandell (23 min./starts at 10:08)

2/17/11: Christine Cavalier’s “Purple Car” Video Review of Not Quite Adults (5:25 min.)

1/25/11: Rick on KATU’s (Portland) AM Northwest (4:54 min.)

1/17/11: Barbara on WLS’s (Chicago) Morning News (3:47 min.)

1/6/11: Barbara on WGN’s (Chicago) Midday News (4:25 min.)

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